Building Brand loyalty that lasts

If you can give your online social media audiences an experience they won’t find anywhere else, you can...

February 16, 2022
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Consumers in 2020 have endless options when it comes to things they want to buy and yet most people still are brand loyal at a percentage of about 90%. Brand loyalty will build ambassadors and help you retain customers long term. If you can give your online social media audiences an experience they won’t find anywhere else, you can keep them coming back.

This might seem like a tall order, but you can break this own into attainable tactics and goals that become part of your social media marketing strategy. 


What is brand loyalty and why is it important?

When people strongly favour particular brands over all others, that’s brand loyalty. They don’t need to be convinced, or heavily marketed to because they already enjoy your existing products and prefer them even to competitors with similar offerings.


A survey on consumers by Yotpo found that almost 80% of consumers took at least three purchases before they considered themselves brand loyal. Noteworthy reasons for claiming brand loyalty included great deals, sales and above and beyond customer services. They also are more likely to become brand loyal sooner if they get access to exclusive discounts through a loyalty program.

Provide stellar customer service

The level of customer service provided by a brand to customers plays a huge role in whether or not a customer returns. 


These days, a lot of companies handle customer service via social media. If you get a lot of customer service requests on your social media platforms, then you should have a team who answer these questions in a timely manner. 


The way you interact with customers on social media takes a lot of poise and strategic planning because it is entirely public-facing. Everyone can see how you interact with potential customers. The last thing you want is to go viral as a brand that is rude to their customers on social media.


HYNKYN’s team can provide a stellar service to your customers, answering questions and consulting with your team for suitable, professional answers.


Find your brand voice and story

Creating a unique voice that represents your brand and makes it feel approachable to people in your audience. Maintaining a consistent brand voice across all channels with make your brand more recognizable and memorable.


Through compelling storytelling, such as striking imagery like that used in the post before, it will compel audiences to connect with your brand and business.


Using Social Media to build brand loyalty

Ideally, having a team like HYNKYN manage your social media will increase brand awareness, lead to higher conversion rates and an overall better customer experience. Using social media to build brand loyalty is not just about posting new products or updates, but when done right it can drive results to these goals. You want your followers to invest in your brand story, and social is the perfect platform to tell that ongoing story and delve into all facets of your brand identity. The way to do this, is having compelling content that generates engagement with your audience. If this is of interest, get in touch with our team to see how we can help build your brand loyalty on Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google My Business, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

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