Social Media during COVID-19

In what's starting to feel like a rather uncertain and confusing time for businesses, our wonderful strategists...

May 07, 2022
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Consumers in 2020 have endless options when it comes to things they want to buy and yet most people still are brand loyal at a percentage of about 90%. Brand loyalty will build ambassadors and help you retain customers long term. If you can give your online social media audiences an experience they won’t find anywhere else, you can keep them coming back.

In what's starting to feel like a rather uncertain and confusing time for businesses, our wonderful strategists here at Born have put together a series of useful insights and advice surrounding social media usage amidst the crisis.


#1 Community Spirit

To kick off this series, we're looking at 'Community Spirit.' There's an increased appetite for groups and membership activity right now. Have a read and get some thought starters on how your brand can join in.


#2 Live Streaming

Next up in our series, we're looking at the influx of brands, influencers & entertainers going live on social platforms. Whether it's exercise classes, hair cutting tutorials or wine tasting sessions, plenty of brands are making the most of social to keep people entertained. Get some inspiration here.


#3 Memes Galore

From absurdist humour and educational content to dance challenges and iced coffee recipes, take a look at what's bringing the world together online as we explore meme culture during Covid-19.


#4 Video Chat

Everyone and their dog (quite literally) have been hanging out with friends, family and colleagues via video chat in the last few weeks as isolation becomes more prevalent the world over. Read on as we explore how brands can utilise video chat platforms to create unique experiences. 


#5 Influencers

'Whilst in these uncertain times many brands are shifting away from influencer partnerships towards more tangible forms of marketing spend, we believe they do still have something valuable to offer - however what that value is has changed drastically.'

How can brands best utilise influencer partnerships in the current climate? Is there even room for such collaborations? Read more here.


#6 Keeping Food Social

How does food stay social in an age of self-isolation? With restaurants and food markets now a distant memory, some brands are opting for cooking classes on social to get the nation eating together (apart). See what other brands are up to, and what you can do to get involved. 


#7 All We've Got Is Time

With more time on our hands, and a lot of it being spent in front of screens, we're moving further away from 'snackable' content and focusing on long-form content instead. Read on as we explore how brands have been creating events and activities for their audiences to help fill up their days and weeks, as well as tips on how to get you thinking about longer term projects.


#8 Education, Education, Education

From P.E. classes, sourdough baking sessions to guitar lessons, we're seeing a real surge of educational content hitting social in the last few weeks, as people spend more time at home. What are brands doing to keep everyone engaged? And how does one keep up with the myriad of different content out there? You can read all about it here.


#9 Production In Isolation

With creatives locked indoors, expensive production has halted. No more sets, fancy locations, costume changes or lighting setups. Videos are filmed on mobile phones and we’re tapping into skills that can be utilised with minimal technology. Read on as we explore home-created-content and how best to utilise it. 


#10 TikTok

We're exploring the world of TikTok during the crisis and how brands should approach the app. (Even Gordon Ramsey's using it...)


#11 Burger Wars

On the 23rd March, McDonalds, Burger King and KFC all announced that they would be shutting their doors.  This got us thinking. It’s a fascinating experiment for what happens on social media in a category. How would each brand respond? Would they go quiet, pivot, lean in? And what would that mean for their share of the social conversation? Read all about our findings here. 


This blog will be updated regularly with more insights and advice. Watch this space!

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