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Sell more cars or increase garage visits using Social Media

If you look at a dealerships or garages social media right now, you'll probably see photos of customers who purchased a vehicle, photos of staff smiling, photos of random irrelevant things or nothing. Nowadays, 86% of car shoppers conduct online research before even stepping foot in your dealership or garage. People want to know they have thoroughly examined their options and are making the right choice. Find out why 500+ dealerships or garages trust HYNKYN to grow their business online.

Buying a new car or which garage to visit for a service can be a major decision; from discovery, evaluation, and purchase, all the way through post-purchase. Consumers develop strong ties to their cars. If you’re there to support their enthusiasm, they will respond with loyalty and engagement. As a Automotive business owner, you need every advantage you can get to connect with your target prospects and convince them to work with your company. With a channel like social media, being active on social media makes a lot of sense, however it takes careful planning and precise execution. Many who take on automotive social media marketing tasks on their own fail to generate quality leads because of inconsistent, uninformed strategies. You need every advantage you can get to connect with your target prospects and convince them your dealership or garage is the ideal choice.

At HYNKYN, we work with all social channels to launch bespoke content for your business; utilizing consistent posting, platform performance monitoring and user engagement are all central to brand management, customer satisfaction, and generating interest in your cars or services. There needs to be a balance between posting valuable content and promoting your automotive products/services – too much promotion can cause your followers to tune your content out entirely. If your company isn’t sure where to begin, consider partnering with a social media agency for automotive with an intimate understanding of automotive social media marketing.





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Steer customers to cart.

78% of car buyers find social media useful when deciding on a new automobile purchase. 74% look at a garage before planning a service visit. Social media is where they discover, evaluate, and ask questions about cars that they’re thinking of buying.

Our Social Pro's will organically increase engagement with your brand (likes, comments, etc.) on social media with an aim of nurturing relationships with new & previous customers. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with the audience. When you build a strong connection through engagement with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you.
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Increase your online visibility and drive more traffic to your business.

Put ROI in the front seat. Get your cars or services seen by more people. Our Social Pro's will develop content which creates action from your targeted users, increasing your website traffic, influencing enquiries, leads, visits and sales.
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Our Paid Ad Social Pros' can launch Paid Post Promotion to increase engagement faster. Set the budget and see the results.
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Our Process

Organic social media services rely on the proper foundation and the right strategy to be effective. Though our campaigns are customized to fit your business needs, we build these campaigns within the scope of a proven marketing formula that greatly increases the likelihood of success.


Social Pro
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you respond to customers?

Our Social Pro's respond to customer comments and messages. We will curate a library of answers to commonly asked questions by your customers. For any questions we can't answer, our team will reach out directly to you.

Which platforms do you recommend for my business?

During the onboarding process we will work with you to analyze the best networks for your target customers. Most of our Automotive clients use Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, and TikTok.

How does the Approval Process work?

Our Social team will create bespoke content for your automotive brand, which will be sent for you to review prior to launch. You will be able to view each post, approve what you like, or request revisions as needed.

Do you post Instagram Stories?

Our Social Pro's offer Instagram Stories as an add-on, contact your Social Success Manager for details.

Is there any contracts?

Our services are month-to-month, there are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime. Cancellations can be made through our portal or by speaking to your Social Success Manager.

How does Reporting work?

Our in-depth reports provide insight into your social media accounts, including monthly impressions, engagements, website visitors, and up to date follower counts.

Do you offer Paid Advertising?

Our Paid Ads team can create, launch, monitor and manage highly targeted strategic paid social advertising which delivers results for your Automotive Business.


Setup & Onboarding

Our setup process is thorough and detailed. We take the time to ensure that your accounts are all branded properly, that they have all of the necessary information, and that they are in good standing.

Social Content Development

A successful social media marketing strategy is dependent on high-quality content. We create premium Facebook and Instagram posts, SEO friendly Google My Business profiles, highlights, and more, all of which will be scheduled on your custom content calendar.

Social Search

We look at Automotive marketing for social media from all angles. This means optimizing your social media pages in order to attract organic traffic from Google and other search engines. We make sure your page bios and content have the best possible chance to rank for your branded keywords and potential industry keywords as well.

Strategy Calls

Working together to form a coherent strategy is part of what makes our approach to social media so special. Every month, your dedicated social media project manager and strategist will meet with you to discuss properties you want to highlight, business insights, testimonials, and the overall direction of your campaign in order to stay on track with your goals.

Website Integration

Communication between your online website and your social media accounts is one of the key elements we focus on. Our team will help to ensure your website is linking properly with your respective social media channels and that your website has all of the proper pixels and integrations necessary for tracking custom behavior.

Booking & Appointment Integration for Dealerships & Garages *Additional Fee

Enhance your Social Media by adding Booking & Appointment Widgets on Facebook, Instagram & Google My Business.

Customer Support

A successful campaign isn’t just about content and strategy. You will be able to reach out to our team with any technical concerns or content issues at any time. We are here to help grow your business and have a full marketing team at the ready to make sure your social media campaign is running smoothly.
We create quality content for your Automotive Business

Sample Social Media Content

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